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The ultimate duo of Cleansing and Glow with Masoor Dal

Are you tired of searching for that one product that completes your daily routine in a glowing way? Your search ends here. A simple product hidden in your kitchen is the potential ingredient to make your skin clear, bright, and wrinkle-free. You can easily fit a masoor dal face scrub into your skincare routine. 

Masoor dal works more than a staple food in your diet. It contains properties that fight impurities and leave you with glowing and clear skin. Once you know more about how masoor dal can work wonders for your skin, you will never let it slip away. This blog will help you to know how it works and what beneficial properties it has for your skin.

Benefits of Masoor Dal for Your Skin

The benefits of masoor dal scrub are a lot more than you can keep track of; it is full of vitamins that just suit your skin like magic. From brightening your skin to giving it a glass glow, masoor dal face scrub will work as a daily dose of nutrients for your skin and deserves a part of your daily skincare routine. Here is the breakdown of the benefits it provides:

  • Exfoliation: To differentiate the exfoliating quality, ground red lentils are an equally awesome, mild formula that eliminates dirt particles and old skin cells that are on your face to give a clearer, radiance-revealing complexion that lies below.
  • Anti-Aging: Being high in antioxidants such as vitamin C, Masoor Dal reduces wrinkles и improves skin tone. It means that your skin looks younger and tighter. Masoor Dal is well-known for various reasons, which is the main factor that has drawn celebrities' attention to it.
  • Acne Control: This Dahl's anti-inflammatory qualities will benefit those with acne-prone skin, notably lessening the redness and swelling associated with breakouts. Unlike other elements and even some natural forms of minerals, it has an antibacterial property that aids in the removal of microorganisms that cause acne. Thus, it does not allow repeated outbreaks of skin pockets.
  • Oil Control: Lentils might be the savior for those who are suffering from oily skin when they try to use this mask made with masoor dal. As Thibox oil absorbs grease and oil, the skin becomes softer, and sebum production is managed.

It doesn’t have to be store-bought

You don’t need to rush to the market or order it online. You can easily make a DIY masoor dal scrub at home with the ingredients available. These red lentils happen to be way too good for your skin. Here are some ways in which you can benefit from it: 

  • Soak 2 tablespoons of masoor dal overnight in a bowl ( for best results, use raw milk or yogurt, depending on your preference). 
  • Grind them into a smooth paste the next morning.
  • Add other kitchen ingredients that suit your skin, like curd or honey, to make a smooth, effective masoor dal face scrub.
  • Apply the paste to your face for 10-15 minutes. Before you rinse it off, gently scrub the paste with damp hands for 5 minutes.

It doesn’t have to be the same way; there might be some ingredients that suit you better than those mentioned above. Feel free to experiment with the masoor dal scrub. Make sure you patch-test the scrub before you directly apply it to your skin.


Masoor dal is one of nature’s best gifts for your skin. It effectively changes your daily skincare routine. It helps to cleanse your skin deeply and gives it a moisturized look. Before using any chemical products you see online, try this natural remedy. It will only take 10 minutes to do what is needed.

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